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Are Play School In Gurgaon Necessary?

School Overview   Write Comment 7th December, 2012

School / University: DPS Rohini School

GH4/57 Paschim Vihar Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

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Are Play School In Gurgaon Necessary?Gurgaon : India | Dec 04, 2012 at 2:22 AM PST  In recent past, the number of play schools in Gurgaon has risen sharply. You can find children of age group 12-36 months going to these schools. There is a category of parents in the city who are not convinced and comfortable with the new trend in introduced in the present education system. They often wonder what their babies will really learn in the play schools Gurgaon, in the age when they have just started to walk and talk. The set of parents are quite convinced with the perception that their child will come out quite well without attending any pre schools.The big question to be asked here is -are play schools or pre schools really necessary in the education cycle of a child? The answer is yes to a great extend. Most of the parents in the city are unaware of the actual concept of play schools Gurgaon. A play school is a place where group of small kids spend 2-3 hours under the supervision of a couple of trained teachers. The ideal teacher student ratio in these schools is 1:10.The main focus of these Play School in Gurgaon is sensory motor development along with the social developments and the age appropriate behavior education. The concepts of play school is not confined to improving reading or writing skill of children but are designed to achieve overall personality development of the little one. The parents who are skeptical that pre schools will increase the pressure on their children will feel relaxed to know that the concept of preschool Gurgaon emphasis on no targets, no goals and no pressure on children.Most of the parents give their children plenty of attention and fulfill all their basic requirement of healthy food, clean surrounding and good toys. But most of us are not aware about the right kind of toys which can improve various personality traits in the child. The pre schools in Gurgaon provide right toys, appropriate for development of child in this stage and also guide the play so that it can become a more of a learning experience. The play schools Gurgaon also helps the toddlers in recognizing their possessions, perform daily work and also reduces separation anxiety.Play Schools in Gurgaon is not only important for children but is also beneficial for parents as it provides an opportunity to interact with other parents and keep in touch with different approaches to parenting.To know more about Play School Gurgaon visit at www.maplebeargurgaon.com Information gathered from Internet from Click Here