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Group of innovators looks to revamp education Syst

Expert Guidance   Write Comment 12th December, 2012

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Delhi: Group of innovators looks to revamp education systemDelhi, Updated Dec 10, 2012 at 10:45am ISTNew Delhi: Some teachers in Delhi are trying to create low cost and high impact classrooms to improve the level of education in primary schools. The NGO called STIR Education has gotten together a group of 25 innovators to revamp the system.Small changes can make a big difference and a Madrasa in Silampur, East Delhi is a perfect example. Sajid Hassan, the principal, has faced with severe financial constraints, but has innovated to improve the quality of education at the school. For one, he takes videos of teachers teaching so they can watch themselves and improve. Yet another innovation is that teachers there use a simple mobile phone to teach the little ones."The impact is great. Kids learn more and much faster, I have seen a huge difference in the quality of education since I used this," Sajid saidThe school bags of the kids there are a little lighter, as they don't have any books. Teachers use innovative techniques to teach them but they aren't the only ones. The NGO Stir education has found some 25 such micro-innovators through the city.At a primary school school in the same area, HK Sharma is yet another innovator. He keeps a tab on all 450 kids in the school, every day, as teachers are required to file a daily report. The schools run by HK Sharma and Sajid have been identified by the NGO STIR Education. It identifies innovation in schools to spread such ideas further.They have selected 25 teachers, and are training them to innovate further. STIR aims to reach over 1,000 innovators and their hope is that over 5 million children will indirectly benefit. Information gathered from Internet from Click Here