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Importance of preschool education

Stream of Education   Write Comment 5th November, 2012

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Importance of preschool education Pre-school education originated in 19th century in various countries of the world including, America, Switzerland, Germany, Britain and Italy. Maria Montessori's visit in 1939 to India implanted the foundation of pre-school education in India.  In our country, family bonding is quite strong and it is felt that what parents and grandparents can teach, nobody else can. But in today's nuclear families, parents are eager to send their toddlers to school as soon as they turn two. Preschools ensure that the tinytots coming to them learn and attain independence, self-confidence and overall development at a faster pace when they interact with children of their own age group in these institutions. After the influence of the family and neighbourhood, the next potent influence to which the child is exposed to is the pre-school. Normally a child enters there at the age of two years, and is thenceforth susceptible to such influences as the conduct of his teachers and the curriculum.As per the research, 50 per cent of a child's brain is developed in the first five- six years of life. The mental development of the child comprehends the development of his intellect, mental capabilities, imagination, thinking, emotion, volition and other mental processes. A good pre-school's role is to assist the child in the development of his abilities and a good teacher helps the child in perceiving, imagination, reasoning and reaching decisions. They become exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, sizes and colours apart from other knowledge base.More important, they learn how to socialise and get along with other children, share and contribute. Children who attend high-quality pre-school enter elementary schools with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, strong basic math skills and most importantly with higher self confidence and all round personality. Pre-school activities help develop in children many self-help qualities like eating food themselves, dressing up, maintaining cleanliness and other such basic qualities. Another big advantage is that as children interact with children of their own age, they tend to develop their language skills at a fast pace. They prepare children for the senior schools. But it is very necessary to identify the right kind of pre-school because, at the end of the day, they act as a guiding light which your childis bound to follow blindly.As their importance in India is gaining momentum, local play-way schools seem to spring up every nook and corner. So while choosing the best one, you need to look out only reputed and branded ones that too with following considerations: Management and experience in educational field Infrastructure of the brand How it is different from others? Student -teacher ratio Infrastructural facilities i.e. area of the school, rooms, ventilation, mid-day meal, maintenance of hygiene, cleanliness, etc Availability of requisite educational aids including blocks, educational toys, puzzles, recreational material, toys, audio -video equipments, etc The curriculum followed by the school, extra-curricular activities, administration and discipline Additional unique and specific features being offered, if anyInformation gathered from Internet from Click Here