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Language options

Career   Write Comment 12th November, 2012

School / University: DPS Rohini School

GH4/57 Paschim Vihar Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

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Language optionsIn order to cater to the diverse needs of students in a globalised world and in view of China emerging as one of the major global economies and Mandarin being spoken by a large population of the world, CBSE is offering the language in class VI from the current academic session.According to Vineet Joshi, chairman, CBSE, the board offers 34 languages at the secondary and senior secondary level out of which 10 are foreign languages.He says, The major objectives of learning Mandarin are to build proficiency in the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking the language; to bring in greater confidence among learners to use Mandarin in oral and written forms; to inculcate sensitivity and awareness regarding the culture and traditions of Mandarin and to facilitate self-learning to enable them to become independent.At the end of middle school, learners will be able to:    Give a brief oral description of events / incidents of topical interest    Retell the contents of authentic audio texts (weather reports, etc) lParticipate in simple social conversation    Narrate the story depicted pictorially or in any other non-verbal mode    Respond in writing in simple ways    Read with proper rhythm and intonationThe methodology is based on a multi-skill, activity-based, learner-centred approach. Keeping in mind the imminent need of empowering teachers and building their capacity to take up teaching of Chinese, the board has decided to use an online learning solution platform.The board is also planning to offer tutor services for a limited number of schools situated in the NCR region to teach the beginner module at class VI. The tutor will be teaching basics of the Chinese language (pinyin chart, tones and greetings) with the help of software and will be encouraging self-study on the language lab software. Regular assessments will be conducted every month and feedback will be given by the tutor. Information gathered from Internet from Click Here