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Last-minute change in criteria creates confusion

Admission   Write Comment 2nd January, 2013

School / University: DPS Rohini School

Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

Last-minute change in criteria creates confusion Times of India02-January-2013 New Delhi: Several schools were forced to change their admission criteria at the eleventh hour after a Directorate of Education notice said they were no longer allowed to divide the general category further into sub-categories. Several schools, including branches of Bal Bharati Public School, used to divide their seats into categories and then draw lots to select candidates.    On December 27, DOE issued a circular saying there cannot be a sub-category under the general one. The system has to be the same for everybody and we can choose the criteria for the points, said L V Sehgal, principal, Bal Bharati Public School (Gangaram Hospital Marg); the junior school is on Pusa Road.    The Rohini and Pitampura branches of Bal Bharati had already posted their admission plans online. The Pitampura branch, which has 368 seats, had reserved 92 for EWS, 74 for management quota, 18 for alumni, 74 for sibling, 18 for staff and 92 for general category. Distance didnt make a separate criterion but kids living beyond 7km from the school were automatically ineligible. But that scheme had to be scrapped. The number of EWS and management seats remain the same but there are 202 general category ones. Now, there are 25 points for neighbourhood (0 for distance over 7km), 30 for siblings, 15 for first child, 20 for alumni, 5 for children with special needs and 5 for girl child. We had to inform the parents of the change, says Sumit Vohra who runs an admissions website.  Information gathered from Internet Click Here