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Models for Mathematics

Students Corner   Write Comment 20th November, 2012

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Models for Mathematics Double Guinness World record holder for the Longest number sequence memorised in one minute, seventeen year old Nischal Narayanam says that all memory is ultimately made of pictures and that the key to remembering it all was to convert and store data as pictures. Cited as one of the seven brilliant brains of the world by the National Geographic Channel, he says his own relationship with the subject at one point was complicated. In the class V, when many new concepts are introduced to us, I had some difficulty understanding three dimensional figures. Thats when the idea of making models began, he says.He then designed the Math-lab, a kit with colourful models to explain the basic concepts of the subject. The kit has linking cubes to represent concepts in square-root calculations, algebra etc. and hollow shapes to conduct experiments in area and volume. Speaking about the gap in math that many students struggle with in primary school, he says, Blackboard teaching doesnt give conceptual clarity to students. They have different rates of picking up and the teaching is not always the most conducive way for a student to learn.Passionate about his missionconverting math fear to math joy, Nishchal says that the best way to understand concepts is by doing things. The first Math-lab was released in 2006 when he was in his class V, subsequently, a higher kit was released covering classes till the class X and already underway is a senior Math-lab and kits for other subjects as well.About complimenting mathematical computations with a formidable memory, he says, It is mainly concentration and practice. There is no bad memory, there is only the trained and untrained mind. I began memory training when I was nine years old and broke the first Guinness World record in 2006. A good memory helps you do better Math because it adds speed to your calculations.He also believes that better memory is something everyone can achieve with focus. I went to an academy for training and then practiced on my own. I practiced five to six hours every day after school for two years before trying for the Guinness World record. We are taught techniques like the peg word system and substitute word systems to remember. These let the mind convert data like numbers to objects, link them and recall them in the same order. Training in the formative years is useful, he says.All of seventeen, he is currently in his final year of chartered accountancy studies, is an active participant in Nischals Smart Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, is doing an internship in Deloitte, engaged in the production of the senior kits and concluding a Math Enhancement Programme conducted for the Dussehra holidays. Believing himself to be too young to spout deep lifes lessons, he chooses to state, Whatever one does, there should be focus and it is the way to make achievements. I control my thoughts and stick to one thing. Your complete concentration should be on whatever you are doing right now, be it sports or studies.Information gathered from Internet from Click Here