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Parents urge schools to go for online system

Parents Corner   Write Comment 14th December, 2012

School / University: DPS Rohini School

GH4/57 Paschim Vihar Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

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Parents urge schools to go for online systemDay Two of the distribution of school admission forms for entry level in three missionary schools witnessed a huge rush.At St Johns High School, Sector 26; Sacred Heart, Sector 26; and Carmel Convent, Sector 9 the queue of parents stretched for 50 metres or more. On Wednesday parents scuffled with security guards at Sacred Heart so the school deployed police officers outside the gate on Thursday.On the roads passing these three schools traffic crawled and tempers were frayed. Schools forbade parents to park their cars on the school campus so parking was yet another headache faced by the anxious parents. Many wished that these much-in-demand schools would adopt an online system to process admission forms. Senior citizens regretted that there was no separate line for them. At least lines for men and women were separate.The schools have announced January 17 for the draw of lots. Incidentally, the draw of lots system is another sore point with many parents.Most parent said clash in timings made it very difficult for them to procure forms. This is one time when large families are grateful for their extra manpower. Mummy joins the queue at School A, Papa joins the queue at School B, Dada-ji joins the queue at School C and Nana-ji joins the queue at School D.Information gathered from Internet from Click Here