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Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar. New Delhi.

School Overview   Write Comment 15th November, 2012

School / University: DPS Rohini School

GH4/57 Paschim Vihar Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

Mobile: 8510010084 , Landline: 91-11-45522885

Salwan Public SchoolRajinder Nagar. New Delhi. IndiaTel: +91- 11- 2586- 45736546-0373 / 6546-0374 Email      :  salwanpublicschool@gmail.comWebSite  :  http://www.salwanpublicschool.com/index.htmAbout Us : The founder, late Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan, was born in the year 1902 in a remote village of Kartarpur, Punjab, in the family of Pt. Mool Raj Salwan. After the early demise of his father,in his early twenties the responsibility of his entire family of six brothers and one sister, fell on him.Having completed only his primary education, Pt. G.L. Salwan worked hard, with little means, to earn his livelihood. The cruel hands of death snatched away all his brothers, in their youth, one by one and  now he had to take care of their families along with his own.In the year 1936, circumstances overtook the education of minorities in Peshawar, Literacy was at its lowest ebb, and attainment of education was very difficult for the middle and the lower middle classes.Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan - a visionary, thus vowed to impart "Education to All"- to the neediest of the needy - irrespective of class, caste, religion and creed - free of cost.His pragmatism urged him to venture forward dauntlessly, dreaming to achieve something for the future generation, and so, he set up Salwan Education Trust at Peshawar, Pakistan. Thus, came into existence Salwan Sanatan Dharam High School for boys and Salwan Sanatan Dharam High School for girls. These schools, standing tall in Peshawar, till date, are a living tribute to the dynamism of this philanthropic personality who had dared to dream.Partition unleashed untold misery and suffering, communal riots broke loose everywhere, and the indomitable Pt. G.L. Salwan, at the risk of endangering his own self and family fearlessly supported the minorities in Peshawar and gave shelter to the distressed in his house. His services in protecting them, safeguarding their women and children, taking them to safer places remains unparalleled in the history of partition.Partition of India compelled him to leave his native place and that, too, after sacrificing his eldest son to communal riots, while saving a number of families from mob fury.The situation worsened and he came to Delhi bringing with him hundreds of his brethren who were accommodated in tents, in the area which is now called Rajinder Nagar.There were hardly any facilities to speak of, leave alone education. A prosperous businessman of Peshawar had nothing left except his resolve, courage and an undying confidence in himself .His dauntless spirit could not be contained by adversity,honesty and perseverance became the cardinal principles of his work, strengthening his determination to provide quality education, to the children of those who were called refugees.Destiny itself had to bow before the resolve, commitment and enterprise of this Great Man, who was passionate about providing education to the children of the displaced. His untiring efforts resulted in the allotment of a barren piece of rugged and undulating land, by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, for the purpose of establishing a school. Thus came into being, in the year 1949, the Salwan Boys School building, followed by Salwan Girls School in 1952 and Salwan Public School in 1953.