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Start Selling Nursery Forms

Admission   Write Comment 1st January, 2013

School / University: DPS Rohini School

Paschim Vihar - Delhi - (India)

Schools start selling nursery forms today The Hindustan Times 01-January-2013There are 100,000 seats and demand outstrips supplyNEW DELHI: Circa 2013 begins with stress for parents who want to get their children admitted in nursery class, as they now have to find a school that is a right fit for their kids.The process involves lot of legwork for parents and matching of their expectations with schools chosen selection criteria.Schools across the city will start selling nursery admission forms from Tuesday. The sale and submission of forms will go on till January 15. Getting your kid into a nursery can be very competitive in a city like Delhi what with a large number students competing for good schools that are in short supply.Of the close to 100,000 nursery seats available each year, 25% are reserved for applicants from the economically weaker section of society and the disadvantaged.Of the remaining 75% seats, schools can reserve up to 20% under the management quota.Schools have the freedom to devise a scoring system where points can be assigned for criteria, such as distance from school, sibling in the same school and whether the student is a girl, to name a few. These criteria cannot, however, score parents on the basis of profession, income or education.Most schools give maximum points for distance from school, siblings and alumni.Information gathered from Internet Click Here